Is it just me or is the fasting function with this app clunky and inconsistent?

I just started using this app and went with the Gold subscription specifically to get the fasting functionality but I have to say I'm pretty underwhelmed, especially compared to Zero. I change my fasting length and save it but the original fasting length is still there. I stop a fast online and yet the mobile app says I'm still fasting. It seems as though the developers have had ample time to work out the bugs and refine this feature but it seems like an afterthought without much thought put into it.


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    I came here from the Sunrise fasting app. It is very visual, which I like and very easy to use. Free. Their layout is nicer. I hope Cronometer can improve the fasting piece to be more visual. I do like that it automatically stops once I enter a food, assuming I’m eating and no longer fasting. Room for improvement here.

    🇨🇦 Dee in BC

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    I have to agree, the Fasting on cronometer needs a bit of work. I came from another app because this was recommended and I also went for Gold sub but the Fasting lets it down I'm afraid. I don't think I'll be using it. You can't see a chart, in fact I don't think there an actual chart, if there is it's hidden and I like to keep track of how my weekly fasts are going. I might try that Sunrise app and see if that is any better.

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    Is there a roadmap of some kind to see what you are currently working on?

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    I’ve asked this also, as we (customers/users), should see what’s planned/upcoming = we ALL need to see a Roadmap

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