Cooking oil when using a deep fryer

I am wondering what people do to account for oil used when deep frying foods, specifically vegetables. A recent entry that comes to mind are brussels sprouts, I am using raw brussels sprouts without any batter or seasoning so there would be no added calories there, and dropping them in my deep fryer at 375 for a few minutes, afterwards I let them drain briefly on a paper towel and season with salt and pepper, so any calories would just be from the sprouts and the cooking oil. Since I am using a deep fryer as opposed to pan frying I cannot weigh the oil to see what was absorbed, and the brussels sprouts themselves actually weigh less after frying so that doesn't help either. Is there percentage or ballpark that should be used? Currently I just add an entry with a tablespoon of cooking oil, but that is just me making an uneducated guess. Is there a recommended approach for a scenario such as this?


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    Could you run an experiment with a small, measured volume of oil in the fryer before frying? Deep fry then empty the contents and measure volume after. It’s a nuisance, I’m sure, but you’d only have to do it once for each type of food you cook to get a rough idea of how much is absorbed.

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