Does the calorie budget represent energy available to consume or to burn?

What does Over in red with ! Means.

what does calorie remaining in positive numbers mean?


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    Hi DipeshParikh,

    The Calories Remaining are calculated as:

    Calories Burned - Calories Consumed +/- Calories needed for weight goal.

    A positive number in the purple box, means you can eat some more and still work towards your weight goal.

    A negative number in the purple box, means you have eaten calories over your budget and may not reach your goals according to the timeline you've selected in your weight goal settings.

    If you are using Cronometer on the website, point your mouse at the purple box to get more information about these numbers and how many calories you have left to maintain weight, as well as gain or lose weight if you have a weight goal selected in your settings.

    On the mobile app, tap the Calories Remaining circle to get more information about where the number is coming from.

    Karen Stark
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