Two questions: how best to add food to your diary + what about processed food not on the database?

Just getting going with the app (and a very good app it is too) and thought to ask a few questions before I progress too far.

  1. Is the "custom" list the best (quickest) place from which to add foods to your diary? Like, my coffee with x amount of milk and y amount of sugar is a recipe of sorts - I won't find one in the database to match it. Even a protein bar found in the "all" list could be made into a (single ingredient) recipe and so become an item on the "custom" list. It would appear to mean I don't have to switch back and forward between all, favorites, custom, etc. Nor do I have to type.

Just go to "custom" then scroll for the things you consume time and again. Maybe group them in some way to quickly get to the food grouping you want.

Is there a better way of doing it than this? For ongoing logging to work, the adding foods to diary needs to be smooth and quick as possible, methinks..

  1. I bought a supermarket pizza which isn't on the database.How do you deal with foods like this - processed foods which you haven't much nutritional data for. Basic stuff like sodium, carbs, etc will be on the label so you could make a recipe from it, I suppose. But you can't really access the full nutrient list (and it would be tedious to make a receipe with that many micro nutrient ingredients). Is it just a case of not buying any processed foods or is there a good way to handle such foods?

(I tried to find a comparable pizza in the database but when finally found one matched for protein (I'm limiting my protein intake), it had twice the sodium of the one I'd bought!)

Cheers for any insights



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    The custom tab will search all the foods you've created as custom foods and recipes, so as long as you add most of the foods you use on a regular basis that could work!

    You can also mark foods as Favorites from the Add Food dialog. Click the star outline next to the name before adding a food to your diary. Then you can use the Favorites tab to search foods without having to save a copy to your custom foods. You can also Favorite your custom foods so that they will appear in the Favorites tab when you search.

    For your pizza, I would recommend editing a copy of the food you found that is close. Then, you can edit the sodium value, or other nutrition information to better represent the food you ate. Learn how to do that here: https://cronometer.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018240312-#h_3818655951441545349241870

    Karen Stark
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