Resting energy from Apple Health

Requesting the ability to take resting energy value from Apple health as an option in addition to the current manual entry or mifflin st jeor bmr calculations. It would be nice to have consistency between apps as I currently have 2 different estimates of total energy burn between looking at Apple health data or cronometer.


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    To add some further context here, if you are an Apple Watch user and using the recommended activity setting of “none” thus your total calorie expenditure is BMR + active energy from Apple health, then you are missing calories in cronometer. Apple health does not include what they consider “minimally active” calories in active energy, rather these calories go into the resting energy category. In my case this generally amounts to 250-350 calories above BMR.

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    You might be able to compensate for this by adding a "Custom" activity level with the calories set to the difference between your BMR and the "Minimally Active" calories in Apple Health. So BMR + Active Calories + Custom, where Custom = Minimally Active Calories - BMR

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    yes that is what i am doing, well actually just using the "sedentary" setting as it is generally close at the moment. however the active component of apple health's resting energy is variable depending on your small movements throughout the day and this number dropping is actually a pretty good indicator of things like chronic overtraining or maintaining a calorie deficit for too long, anyway it would be nice to have it all sync up hence the FR.

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