Cronometer has stopped communicating with Google fit

Yesterday, cronometer (which is installed on my Pixel 2) stopped receiving exercise data from Google fit (no steps, running, biking, etc.). I cleared the cache and restarted both apps and the phone. Anyone else having this problem?


  • Having the same problem here. Syncing between them stopped sometime late yesterday or this morning.

  • Definitely having this problem. I usually use Google Fit, but it no longer synchs with Chronometer. When I go back to look at previous days, it actually erases those steps and updates everything. I switched to Samsung Health, but that's not synching either.

  • I am having the same issues with Google Fit. Deleted all my previous activity as well. I've tried unlinking them, clearing cache, and logging out of both apps but so far it hasn't worked. I'm a bit bummed since it's the only tracking app I can sync.

  • Same, very frustrating.

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    I've had exactly the same problem - stopped synching with Google Fit on my Android based phone. Deinstalled and reinstalled both Google Fit and Cronometer (both ad free and normal version) a few times. Fiddled with all of the settings and still does not sync. Also it has deleted all of my activity from the diary - not happy about that.

  • I didn't try reinstalling it, but glad to know it doesn't work before I did that, because I don't want to lose my data. I'm sorry you lost yours.

  • Hi there! We've been tackling this one and have a fix coming in the next release. When you get the next app update, try relinking Google Fit in your Cronometer account and let us know how it goes.

    Karen Stark
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  • Just updated to new version. Disconnected Google Fit and reconnected. Problem fixed for me, now syncing.

  • I looked on Google Play Store, and I don't see an update option or a new version (latest one being April). Am I missing something, or will the update rollout to Play Store later?

  • Yeah, I don't see a new version either. I'm not sure what enawds is referring to but Karen_Cronometer's response sounding like the new fixed version was at least a little ways off.

  • Sorry guys, but the updated version appeared on the play store for me just before I posted. An update was not available before then. The android version I'm now using is v3.7.6(b906-AF-s). Perhaps the Play Store is slowly rolling out?

  • This issue has now been resolved; it was released on a phased rollout yesterday, and has now been released to 100%. You can access the fix by updating to the latest version of Cronometer 3.7.6 (906). Please let us know if you run into the issue again! Thanks so much for reporting the issue!

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  • For Android users (at least me), the app was automatically updated without having to download an update. I'm so glad this works again. I've been using Chronometer for about two months now, and I've already lost about 15lbs since starting to use it. In that same amount of time, I lost only 5lbs without it, so it greatly helps!

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