Can you set a default amount for a food?

edited May 2021 in Help

In the Android app, the default amount seems to be set to the last set amount for this food.
So in example, if I log "MyProtein, Impact Whey Isolate", amount: 24, serving size: g.
Then next time I log this food, 24g will appear in this entry unless I change it.
From the web app, there is no such memory at all.
I'm wondering if there's a way to change the default amount? The default serving I guess?

The only thing I think of to achieve that is to make a copy of the food and edit its "Serving Sizes" field, right?
So if I'm severely OCD and always eat exactly 57 grams of banana, I could create a custom food based on "Banana, Raw" from NCCDB and edit its serving size to 57g, right?


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