sugar alcohols in 'low carb cheesecake' treated like full sugar carbs

Recipe from:

They mention total carbs per serving as 6g. Net carbs 5g.

Why, then does cronometer show a whopping 17.6 carbs for 1/16 of the total recipe? That's astounding.

I attached an image of the detailed breakdown I see in a browser - during a cronometer session.

FYI, Changing the nutrition label type won't help :-)

I would throw away the darn thing, if it's really that bad, but doing the math here, cronometer is clearly crazy/wrong.

Can anyone help me understand?


  • Hi Bill,

    You can tell Cronometer how you would like to calculate net carbs. If you'd like to subtract sugar alcohols, head on over to the Settings tab > Profile + Targets.

    In the Tracking Carbohydrates section, track carbs as net carbs, then tick the boxes to exclude fiber and sugar alcohols.

    Karen Stark
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  • Thanks for the tip! I found that option - but rather than treat sugar alcohols as 0.5 of total carbs (in their impact), that option implies that sugar alcohols are totally excluded from calculations? Is that right? That would be very useful to know!

    You might want to review Mandy's post at

    (note that she does NOT cite the mantra that sugar alcohols are only 0.5 of the impact of 'sugars' - she simply mentions that some ignore it, while others do not). Most situations, I've encountered the thought that sugar alcohols only 'count for half'.

    Note that I don't have diabetes, no one's ever said that I'm even pre-diabetes. I just want to do the best that I can do.....

    I don't know what's right at this point :-D

    Help. Help?

  • OK, after checking the boxes for sugar alcohol & allulose, suddenly the last two days look much better :-)

  • No one replied, so I guess this is 'best possible outcome'. That's too bad. I think there's literally NOTHING that has zero impact on our diet. NOTHING has zero impact, in other words everything impacts us in some way. End of conversation?........

  • The tracking net carbs options are all or nothing. They either count towards your carb target in full, or are fully subtracted. This does not mean that they are fully subtracted from your calorie target though. You're right! Just because they are lower in energy doesn't mean they have no impact in your body. Some people experience GI issues when consuming lots of sugar alcohols, for example.

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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