Custom Exercise Saving

As the title says, the ability to save and reuse custom exercises would be a great time saver. I use cronometer on the pc, through chrome, and whenever I want to reuse a custom exercise, it only shows my most recent custom exercise, not a list of them.

My request would be the ability to save custom exercises or create custom exercises with the ability to set calories per hour/lb/difficulty etc.
For a walking calculator, setting incline, decline, speed, distance and carry weight would be helpful.
When I am inputting my exercise calories, I usually go to an online calculator that I trust since I can put in the exact distance, incline and speed of my walks.


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    Pick a date where you don't log. In my case, it's 1/1, because I don't log new year's day.

    Add all of your custom exercises that day.

    When you want to log that exercise again, go to that date and copy it to today.


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    I appreciate the workaround! It would still be great to have a separate list of custom exercises so we don't have to keep going back to the date where all the exercises are saved. But I'm going to use your suggestion in the meantime. Thanks!

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