Calorie allotment number changing on its own

Since the most recent update my total calories I can have for the day (top bar on the main screen for the current day) is changing on its own. Example I just opened the app and it said 1700 calories available for the day. This morning it showed 1100. It happens even when I’m not adding or removing anything like food or exercise. Just randomly changes. I then go into the screen where I set my target weight and the lbs to lose per week, and simply re-enter the same exact numbers that were already there and it corrects it back. Frustrating to have to do this multiple times per day. Am I missing something?


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    This is just a stab in the dark, but I believe that Crono is adjusting thing based on exercise and energy it thinks you are burning (which personally I don't trust).

    I know my goals which don't change since they are based on tracking instead of some equation (those equations really are just to get you a starting ballpark number)

    With that in mind I have things set up like this so Crono doesn't mess around with my numbers:

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    Thanks for the response. It has stopped doing it which is weird. I do include the exercise component, but I track that on my own with my suunto watch and chest strap as opposed to accepting the calorie burn the app gives. Thanks again!

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