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It would be great if I could dig a little deeper into the information held on what my "top sources" of each nutrient are (as listed under each nutrient in the nutrition report).

At the moment I often use this feature to get ideas for foods I could eat a little bit more of to increase levels of a particular nutrient, but there are several limitations as it currently stands.

It seems like the info is presented in terms of where I actually get most of that particular nutrient from, not what is necessarily the best source, so it would be good if I could choose to view a list sorted by the actual levels of the nutrient (more like the Oracle). It would also be helpful if I could expand the list to be longer, rather than just the top 10. Sometimes there might be a food I don't eat very often that is a great source of a particular nutrient, which I could easily increase my intake of, but it doesn't occur to me to do so because it isn't flagged up as a "top source".


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    Hi Sqsh,

    You can view your Top Sources for a longer time range in the Nutrition Report - will that help you achieve what you are looking for? It could help see items high in a particular nutrient if you don't eat it very often.

    Another approach would be to export your servings data from: Settings > Account > Account Data > Export Data. This will generate a .csv file that you can sort by highest amount of a nutrient to see your all time top-hits!

    I'll pass along your feedback to the team - they will probably have some good ideas too!

    Karen Stark
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    Looking at a longer time range doesn't really help much, no, as it still shows the things I eat most often rather than those I eat occasionally but are the best sources.

    Exporting the data is a reasonable workaround for now, though, it's obviously not the most convenient way to do it, and requires me to do a lot of scrolling and visual scanning, plus it lacks the very useful feature that allows me to click on a dropdown arrow on recipes to break them down by ingredients to find out which particular food is actually contributing the most. But it does help me see what some of my best sources of each nutrient are, and I've picked up on a few things that weren't coming up as "top sources". So thanks for the suggestion!

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