Implentation of a micronutrient density scale/meter (Nutrients/Calories)

Walnuts may be good! But Bok Choy would be (most of the time) a better choice to fill your calories with.

I'd like to see a visual "meter" similar to the "how many calories one has eaten in a day" but instead of showing the calories it shows how many micronutrients (and how micronutrient-dense) one has eaten in a given day.


  • Hi @Dark

    In the Nutrient Targets section of the dairy, there is a gauge called "Targets" which gives you an idea of how many of your targets you have met for the day. This gives you a visual to help you keep track of how you are doing for the day.

    If you click on an individual food, or multi-select foods, the Targets will update to show you how many of your targets where met by each food or group of foods.


    Karen Stark
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