Nutritional Values: not calculating properly

Maybe I am doing something wrong? When i enter my pure encapsulation Magnesium supplement, the info shows on the item but doesn’t transfer to the nutrition report. That happens with most foods and with several other nutrients. So the app is not displaying results properly. Is this getting fixed?


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    Hi there!

    From the Trends tab, tap on the menu in the top right corner, then select Report Settings. One of the options for your nutrition report is to include supplements in your report.

    What other options do you have selected for Date Range and Days Displayed?

    Keep in mind the nutrition report averages your nutrition for the date range selected. This may mean your nutrient totals will be different compared with viewing a single day.

    If you're still running into some issues, would you mind sending us some screenshots of your Nutrition Report and your Report Settings so we can look into this further? Thanks so much!

    Karen Stark
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