Calorie burn calculating with fitbit + TEF

If I have a fitbit that is already connected to cronometer and logging activity, would enabling theTEF (Thermic Effect of Food) option make the calorie burn estimator more or less accurate?


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    In General calories burned are actually a range. Both exercise from Fitbit and TEF are “the current best guess” based on population- which means they will vary wildly by both individual and environment. As a single person you can learn “how wrong” the estimation is for you and adjust accordingly but any estimator removes what we call a “degree of freedom” and thus adds an additional necessary correction.

    In short: it adds noise which might be helpful if you already know your exercise estimation error rate and are willing to learn the TEF error rate. Or just for fun :)

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    Your answers are great @posi I think I’ve gotten into the habit of eating all of the calories that chrometer determines for me yes at least for me estimates from my watch are wrong. Sad :( I want to eat all that and I get rewarded for running more lol. Back to listening to my body!

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