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I would like to temporarily remove foods from the summary calculation in the Diary. I.e. I want to be able to plan out my meals for the day, and then ask "If i skipped foods X Y and Z today, how would that affect my nutrient balance?". The way I am doing it now is to set the Amount to zero, but that becomes tedious to restore the previous values. There should be a simple toggle switch that grays-out the food and removes it from the calculation. This would also let me make a meal template that I copy day-to-day with various alternatives (clearly distinguished by being grayed-out) that I can cycle between, instead of re-entering them from scratch. I am completely new to this system, so maybe I'm missing something here.


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    Hi Jazzical,

    You can select the foods you'd like to include in your calculation.

    On the website, hold the shift key while you select each item you would like to include. Your targets below the diary will update to show you only the nutrition information from the selected foods.

    You can copy the selected items by right-clicking on them and copy from the menu that appears.

    On the mobile app, tap the diary menu in the top right corner, then select Multi-Select. Tick off each item you would like to include, then tap the diary menu again to view the Nutrition Summary for only the selected items.

    You can also copy multi-selected items from the menu to paste them in another place in your diary.

    Karen Stark
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