Blank diary after adding food

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When I add foods to my day, the page is blank after. Sometimes if I completely shut down the app and open it again, the foods I added earlier will show up. But then again, it'll all stop showing up if I add another food. This has been happening for days. Is there a fix coming for this soon because this app is nearly unusable like this. Picture is what the app looked like after I added all the items from my breakfast to my dairy.


  • Thanks for reporting this! Could you let me know what version number is listed at the bottom of the settings tab?


    Karen Stark
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  • Cronometer v3.8.7 (b942-AF-s)

  • Thanks!

    Karen Stark
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  • I am having the same issue - same App version as above on a Pixel 3. It started a few days ago, also started on my wife's phone at about the same time. Common scenario is after adding something to the diary, I get a blank screen including the top summary graphs (ad still shows up). If I swipe down to refresh, the diary screen fills in, but the entries I just added are at the top of the diary, before ones that were added successfully earlier (so timestamp is zeroed?). I sync with Google Fit, and it also seems a little erratic (haven't found a pattern of behavior yet), but that could be unrelated. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks Rinpoche! I've included this information in the bug report. We appreciate your help!

    Karen Stark
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  • Is this the same issue that's discussed here?
    The diary area is grey. so the diary entries are not shown.
    Google Pixel 5
    V.3.9.0 (b948-AB-s)
    I'm in the beta program
    See attached screen recording:

  • This bug seems to go away when I disconnect Google Fit integration.

  • Confirmed. The problem went away when I disconnected GFit. When I reconnected it the problem happened once, but only once so far. If it starts happening again, I'll let you know.....

  • I don't have (have never had) google fit connected on mine, still having the same issue.

  • Problem solved after going to a 3rd party APK site and downloading version 3.8.5.
    Like..Guys..The mobile app is not usable. What am I supposed to do?
    I swear, if I get a reply from Cronometer support saying "hey, you really shouldn't do that, these APK sites are dangerous and unreliable and might inject malicious code into the APK!" I'm going to roll my eyes.
    They might not be safe but you know what they don't do? They don't break my Cronometer app, which you do.

  • Problem is back. Disconnecting and reconnecting does seem to help in my case, but not for long. I'm happy to try anything to help you fix this - just let me know. App is annoying enough to be on the verge of unusable. Thanks and please improve your regression testing.

  • Been reporting bugs for months (read: since last year) to Cronometer and they don’t care to fix them. Don’t get your hopes too high.

  • I seriously don’t understand how their dev team can release the apps without further testing. I develop code for a living and I’d be quickly without a job doing that.

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    Looks like 3.8.8 fixes this. I just updated, and it's working well so far.

  • Glad to hear it Rinpoche! Thanks for reporting this and giving us your updates.

    Karen Stark
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