Math in recipe builder way off...also in the food diary

I was taking a deeper dive into some of my macros and calories and noticed a very frustrating issue.

In some of my build your own custom recipes for a food item I use over and over again, there is a huge discrepancy in the math.

For example, recipe #16174064, the protein listed for one full recipe serving is 20.5 grams...but when I add up the protein for the individual items listed in their serving size, I get 18.4 grams. I only double checked this because on my food diary, it shows up as 28.5 grams, which was way higher than I expected so looked harder at it.

Is there something I'm not understanding? The only reason I haven't switched to a different app is the ability to easily look at the macros and the over all amount of protein I'm eating...but if its going to be wrong, that defeats the whole purpose.

Thank you for any help/insight anyone can provide.


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