Add nicotine as a nutrient

Caffeine is supported, why not nicotine? Would be useful to be able to track it.


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    Is there data on nicotine content of, well, anything?

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    Data on nicotine content in smokeless tobacco products seems to be readily available (see, e.g., table 1 of this study). I suspect there's similar data out there regarding nicotine content in cigarettes. Other products such as Zyn and nicotine gum identify the nicotine content on the product label.

    I doubt, however, that any of this information is collected the database that Cronometer uses (NCCDB, USDA, CNF, etc.).

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    That's true, there are no tobacco and nicotine products in the food databases. I would recommend tracking these items as a custom biometric for now. You can enter in the dose when you consume these items to view your intake in a graph in the Trends tab to see your intake over time.

    Karen Stark
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    I didn't know that custom biometrics would show up in the charts. Thank you.

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