Need Food Ideas

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Hi and TIA for any help/suggestions provided.

I'm new to keto and so far have done well not going over my macros. I'm also fasting (midnight Friday to noon today, Sat) Saturday is my cheat day, even though I stick to keto, the food is so good it feels like a cheat day, even when eating out. Saturday also happens to be our Saturday-te...get it?? From Cracker Barrel I ordered the grilled sirloin steak, with steamed broccoli and a house salad w ranch. Didn't eat the croutons. And that salad (8g) has me nearly at my net carbs! (20g net carbs) I only ate half of my salad, steak and broccoli if that helps.

It's got me thrown off, and stressed out. What can I eat to get my fat, 28.7-132.6g and protein 55.4-114.5g but nooooo carbs. My carbs are 19.0-22.7 . Despite my carb limit set to 20 the number on my "dashboard" keeps changing. It was at 29 earlier today. Maybe bc my weight is dropping. Not sure. But since I had such a difficult transition to fat adapted/ketosis I am not ready to increase my carb limit.


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