grams per day?

I'm new to cronometer and after three days, my net carbs was lowest on the third day, but my calories consumed reflect the most (by far). I'm confused. I thought the goal was to reduce net carbs? why is my kcal the highest? (and yes, I have excercised everyday, i'm just taking about kcal consumed, not net).
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  • Hi jane002 and welcome!

    Calories come from carbs (both net and some from fibre too), protein, fats and alcohol. Do you mean total calories consumed or just calories from carbs?

    Karen Stark
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  • I guess what I'm wondering is why the diary tracks net carbs, when your calorie goal is based on total calories consumed. I would suppose a calorie-based goal would highlight the calories of each meal and not highlight the net carbs of each meal. It seems like the focus is on net carbs, but if you're only paying attention to that number for each meal, your calories could sneak up on you. Why doesn't the diary track calories for each meal?

  • We do our best to offer the flexibility of tracking your macronutrients to fit many different diets, though we don't want to under-represent the energy you are getting.

    You can track the calories for each meal. To set that up on our website, click the three dots menu at the top of your diary, then select Diary Settings. Under 'General Diary' click the drop-down menu under Summary Column in Diary. Select Energy (Consumed)

    On the mobile app, go to: Settings > Display > Diary Settings > Diary Group Settings. Tap beside Show Group Subtotals. You can display group subtotals for Calories or Macronutrients (this options shows energy as well as carbs, fat and protein).

    Karen Stark
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