Macronutrient Ratio Cycling

The ability to set up a weekly rotating schedule for macros.
IE: Carb cycling
Helpful in Cronometer to track where you are in your macronutrient cycle and adjust the macronutrient ratios for that day.


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    This has been in the works for quite some time and been requested countless times over the years. It is one of the key features that I’m waiting to use - hopefully soon.

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    I'm doing a low-carb / high-fat diet + intermittent fasting and would love to organize it more as a cyclical keto approach. Having the ability to cycle macro goals in say a 6 days A / 1 day B fashion would be awesome.

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    Hope this is happening soon! With Dr. Mercola's KetoFast approach I'm surprised this isn't already a feature.

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    I joined this forum just to say this again. Being able to set different daily calorie/macro targets through the week looks like it’s been suggested for years. What is taking so long? Of all the good Cronometer does this seems like massively overlooked feature by them.

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    Please Please Please do this ! Macro cycling is very helpful !

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    We've got this feature out on beta right now if you're interested in getting an early look. We would LOVE to hear what you think!

    If you are interested, please send an email to our Beta test coordinator, Spencer, at beta@cronometer.com with the following information:

    If you use iOS:
    · Your Name
    · Your Cronometer account email
    · Your Apple ID email <- so we can flag you as a beta tester and give you access to the app
    · Your Cronometer account status, i.e. Gold subscriber, Free, or paid app
    · Your iOS device i.e. iPhone 7, etc.
    · The device's iOS version.

    If you use Android:
    · Your Name
    · Your Cronometer account email
    · Your account status, i.e. Gold subscriber, Free, or paid app
    · Your android device i.e. Galaxy s7
    · The device's Android OS version

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    I tried to get set up with Beta in July 2021 and after Brendan asked me for my info, I never heard back

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