Cronometer Professional- Create and apply custom nutrient rules to groups

In Cronometer Professional, you can add clients to different groups. It would be great if you could create and apply customizable rules to the groups (and also create subgroups).

This way, when clients are placed into a group, their energy settings, macro target settings, and/or nutrient targets would automatically update based on the custom rules you created and applied to the group (For example, vegans may require 50% more zinc than non-vegans. Or, vegetarians may require more protein per kg of lean body mass since vegetable protein sources do not score as high in ratings of biological value, net protein utilization, PDCAAS, and protein efficiency ratio as animal proteins.).

Additionally, it would be great to create and apply tags/templates/rules that can be client-specific within the global rules of a group. This would allow professionals to quickly apply individualized adjustments and exceptions to their clients's targets.


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