Fixed Macros and Calories

I use fixed macros and total calories and I manually change them based on the day of week - lift days vs non-lift days. When I set my macros I’d like to have the app simply update the custom energy setting to the total based on macros. As it is, I have to set macros, see what the total calories will be, then go into the energy settings to manually update the total custom calories. Automating this last step would be helpful.

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  • I agree. I just started using Chronometer but the app doesn’t calculate macros as we would like. I would like the ability to put in standard macro %’s (70/15/15) and then change my calorie intake # from time to time and have the app do what my net diary does. Calculate the macros automatically into calories.

  • Hi Dougie,

    Please correct me if this isn't what you are looking for: you can use the Macro Ratios setting and a Custom Energy Target to automatically calculate your macros when you change your energy target.

    Cronometer does not automatically calculate your energy target when you enter in your fixed macro targets but I can certainly see the value in adding that as an option to update your energy target to match rather than entering in the value manually.

    Karen Stark
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