Gather and Read Fellow Ketoers

I have taken the plunge to follow keto. The science behind it makes so much sense but it did take a while to wrap my head around how it works given my growing up in the food pyramid era what with the massive amounts of carbs suggested to be eaten daily.

It took several weeks to see the scale going backwards. I kept reminding myself that it can take time for some people to become fat adapted. And it finally happened. Looking at my journey through Chronometer you can see when the switch flipped. When I began keto I was 247. The lowest weight I've recorded on Chronometer was 228, but inexplicably my weight has creeped up. Today, July 30, I'm 238.

I've been listening to "The Obesity Code" Dr. Jason Fung and I've been questioning whether my weight creep-up is due to the sweetener I use. Currently, Pyure liquid stevia. According to Dr. Fungus book, liquid sucralose and even stevia can cause Insulin to spike. Quite a bit.

I have Splenda brand Monk fruit with Erythritol but no longer use it as it has 8g carbs. Even the bag of plain erythritol I have has 8g carbs.

I have spent today going over my data to pinpoint the cause of the weight.

Drinking plenty of water? ✔️

Not going over macros? ✔️

Is it due to exercise?

Is it the sweetener? Prior to the Pyure I was using Truvia liquid.

Can some sweeteners such as the sweeter found in sugar free jello (aspartame) kick one out of ketosis?

Is this due to my period?

I'm really retaining water. A ring I wear sometimes slides around on my finger, but the past few days my finger looks like a sausage link above/below my ring....

Who here has dealt with this and how did you overcome this hurdle?



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