I want to loose weight and I generally have a huge deficit is that good or bad?


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    Define huge deficit? How huge? Is the deficit coming from exercise or starvation?

    Your body will fight you if you try to starve it, and you will lose that battle. Exercise and eat to a healthy deficit. A 500 to 1500 calorie deficit is probably within a reasonable rate. Ideally, eat to your BMR and exercise your way to the deficit. If you burn more, then eat more to stay within the deficit range.

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    Only until your metabolism slows down to compensate. Caloric restriction never works long term. You can only starve yourself so long. As for "eat healthy", what defines that for you? For me it's low carb, high fat (keto). For you it may be something completely different. Carbs, i.e. starch and sugar are what cause me to gain weight, have high glucose and insulin resistance. Carbs prevent me from burning fat. I've kept off 80 lbs for over 2.5 years, and never starve eating the way I do. I no longer crave sweets as a bonus. I'm at hour 23 of today's fast as I write, and I'm not even hungry. My ketone bodies are feeding me.

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    With weight loss, it's important that your approach can be followed forever. If it can't, the weight is destined to return. So ultimately, the deficit matters less than the longevity of the diet.

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