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A water tracker is needed.

The water tracker needs to be in the same category as macros. Widgets are needed and include water tracking in the widget.

As it stands, on mobile app, water tracking is absolutely unintuitive and a pita to get to. Include various sizes.

A recurring supplements section would be helpful and it should have its own category instead of logging it in "uncategorized".


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    Thanks for your feedback!

    I recommend adding water as one of your highlighted nutrient targets. That way you can swipe the top banner in the diary screen to quickly view how much water you've had so far today. Learn more about Highlighted Nutrient Targets here:

    You can rename your diary groups if you'd like to remove the 'uncategorized' label. Head over to the Settings tab > Display > Diary Settings > Diary Groups. Tap the name of the group to edit it. Or add another diary group and give it name like 'My Supplements' to log them there.

    Karen Stark
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    edited August 2021

    I'm using an Android device, so I don't know if it's different with iOS.

    I've gone through all those setting and I am not able to add "Water as a Highlighted Nutrient Target. The only way I can view my water targets is

    Trends > Nutrition Report

    In Settings > Nutrition Targets > General > Water I have the Visible and Custom tabs to tick. Clicking the Visible to "Off" or "On only removes/adds Water to my Nutrition Report.

    The "Custom" tab allows me to set my water consumption target.

    Regarding the supplements, I should clarify what I was asking. The supplements category for meds and/or supplements we take daily. A recurring feature so we don't have to add, every day, what we take.

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    Need to be able to add water in OZ or at least ML, =not= grams. It's a fluid!

    Port Angeles, Washington USA

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