Impressive Memory Leak

Since a recent update, the app slows down dramatically after a few minutes of use to where I have to periodically cold start.

iPhone X, Cronometer version 3.9.0


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    Same here. iPhone 7plus and version 3.9.0. I’m also getting extreme battery drain after installing and using app. I’m a new user (3 days), so have only experienced app this way. Hope it isn’t indicative of ongoing performance.

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    Sorry to hear! Would you mind sending our support team an email at support@cronometer.com with some more information?

    What version of the app are you on?
    Do you have any device integrations and/ or apple health?
    What resolves the issue (if any) eg. log out, uninstall/ reinstall?
    Has it happened more than once?
    Does it only happen on a specific screen and/or after a specific action? Does it happen every time after a specific action or intermittently?
    Any more details about what happens when the app slows? Does the app close, freeze, is there a grey screen or a black screen? A spinner? Or the app just keeps chugging at a snail's pace?

    Thanks so much!

    Karen Stark
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    Hey Karen,

    I sent an email to support with the details you requested.

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