Calorie Remaining and especially the hover able text box is difficult to understand.

The calorie budget on the main page has a difficult-to-understand and slightly confusing text box. I understand it now after playing with the factors that manage its output. Specifically, the language of "deficit" and having negative signs (-) confuses me. If it says it has a "deficit of -200" then that sounds like it has a "surplus of +200". If it were to say "deficit of 200" then it sounds like it has a -200 caloric level. The first and second sentences break this rule too. The first sentence does not have the minus sign but the second sentence does. The "calories remaining" is also confusing as when it's positive then that means I can eat more food. When it's negative then I've overeaten. The last two sentences the of the text box are also confusing as well.


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