Chicken Thigh Skin Removed vs Skin eaten

In the NCCDB database there are 2 entries that I compared: Chicken Thigh, Skin removed (food #462802) and Chicken Thigh, Skin eaten (food# 462801). I believe there is an error. The cholesterol in the skin removed is much higher than the skin eaten... 36.29mg vs 25.52mg per one ounce respectively. Why would the skin yield less cholesterol?


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    Chicken thigh meat has more cholesterol than chicken skin.

    100g chicken skin = 83mg

    100g chicken thigh w/o skin = 128mg

    Since the skin has some weight, then 100g of chicken thighs without skin includes more meat than 100g of chicken thighs with skin.

    I have to agree that this is counterintuitive. It seemed strange to me, too, when I read your comment. But the data shows the reason.

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  • @p0wer_lifter makes sense. Thanks for that!

  • My wife and I buy a whole chicken and split down the middle then bake in the oven till well done and skin is crispy and I eat all the skin. partway I add some cubed potatoes which get very tasty in the fat and gelatin that oozes out. Sometimes make some stuffing balls.

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    100g chicken skin = 83mg
    100g chicken thigh w/o skin = 128mg

    For these numbers to be consistent, the first sample would have to be at least 35% skin! More, if the skin also contains cholesterol. But this is unrealistic.

    So, dilution by the low-cholesterol skin is not sufficient (even if real).

    I believe they either made an error, the measurements were inaccurate, or they used sufficiently different thighs that contained different amounts of cholesterol.

  • When I buy chicken thighs I put them skin down in a large skillet and render then add water, cover and simmer (turn occasionally) till they fall apart easy. I don't eat the skin then but save the broth and it will set, fat and gelatin separate. The fat is great for frying and the gelatin for soup or gravy. I separate the meat from skin and bones which makes fantastic sandwiches for work.

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