Wanting to connect with keto-savvy cancer coaches

I'm a Keto for Cancer nutrition educator and consultant looking for a coach to provide weekly feedback to my Pro clients. To start, this would be a side gig of ~3 hrs/wk. My longer-range plan is to incorporate data from CGMs into the mix so personal experience with CGMs is a real plus! Depending on background and experience, this is either a paid gig OR hours in exchange in mentoring on the use of the keto diet in cancer. -Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS. Dietary Therapies LLC Specializing in Keto for Cancer since 2012. dietarytherapies.com


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    Such people are needed. It is already very difficult for people with cancer, numerous medicines, therapies, and diets. This is very difficult and not easy. Cancer despite the financial and emotional components. Sometimes all the necessary medicines are impossible to get, and it isn't easy. My grandmother has cancer, and I know all aspects of this disease very well. Fortunately, I could buy anticancer drugs online, which made my grandmother's life much easier. Many times, she could not find the medicine she needed anywhere. I think it's very good that you want to help people with cancer; it's noble. I wish you good luck.

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