Walking - why no distance ?

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I hadn't used Chronometer for some time but previously put in distance walked but it only has a time option.

I don't wear a watch or have a mobile phone so don't really know how long it takes to walk 5k. Google will say 65 mins but some days could be quicker or slower.

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  • They recently changed how exercises are logged - “new exercises” vs old, so things definitely changed. I used to be able to log rowing by wattage, now it’s just two effort levels, which is highly subjective.

    All these numbers - nutrition data as well as exercise calories - are inherently so inaccurate that I’m now good with some general idea of how I’m doing overall.

    It’s not the app developers fault, it’s the data. I used to be very concerned with numbers, now I look at trends over time.

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  • If you can approximate your pace, then can you calculate time based on your distance? I mean, the subjective nature of entering effort makes the result quite inaccurate in any case. Unless you know your speed - time and distance - fairly accurately, then the whole calculation isn’t very reliable.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

  • Thanks @p0wer_lifter Not really dead concerned with accuracy, just thought an older version of Cronometer had distance, I could be mistaken. Like I do 1/2 an hour of Tai Chi plus weapon forms but it's more advanced and more like kung fu or something, no way to figure that out. And my Yoga classes can vary a lot.

    Back to the Gym next week, a 10 min walk there then back after. Sometimes I take the stairs to my apartment on the 15th floor, 2 steps at a time, haven't looked for that yet.

    The truest SUCCESS is but the development of self. - Charles Atlas.

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