Bug in web-based cronometer

If you look at my account, and find recipe "The Bill (TM) @ smokey's", you see total 116.55 grams of protein. But clicking on each ingredient, a pop-up window shows details for that ingredient. But the numbers do NOT reflect the 'quantity' (like 2.0 oz of bacon).

You must click in the 'serving' text entry box, AND type a quantity (even the same value). So the 'ground beef' ingredient - 12 oz - you must type 12 over the existing 12. THEN and only then does the protein/carb/fat display update (to the left of the entry box).

Again, this is only in the web-based cronometer.

I looked at some things like Bob Evans items from their menu, but you can't see itemized ingredients, so this bug is not present in those. It's only custom recipes.

I'm not including screencaps since this happens with every/any custom recipe. Look at mine if you wish, or just create your own to test it out.

I hope you see fit to correct this. It's simple but maddening to have to 'fix' it for you, by hand, every time!


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