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I'll be 69 soon and on no medication or have any health issues. I'm 150lbs 5' 8", lean and fit but could lose a little from my belly. At 140lbs I would have abs showing.

I use to work as a general labourer for a builder before retiring so was never sedentary. Like going to the gym and lift weights, have done that since 1984. Have practiced much Tai Chi including sword and sabre forms, did Aikido and Kenjutsu for about 4 years, plus the wood weapon training. Started into Yoga in '73 and since 2015 very regular.

I'm not any kind of athlete just a average bloke. Generally eat moderately and fairly healthy.

The truest SUCCESS is but the development of self. - Charles Atlas.


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    I didn’t realize that tai chi had weapons forms. Interesting. Is it a self defense form?

    Thank you for sharing this. It inspires.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

  • Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art, pretty much Kung Fu. The forms are basic movement like Aikido has basic movements. Have a look at Tai Chi Competitions on Youtube.

    Some groups do a lot of partner work/sparring. Nowadays it's become a form of movement like dance.

    It's easy to look up the history of Tai Chi which started with the Chen family then Yang and Wu families. Chen still keeps some explosive moves in the forms.

    The truest SUCCESS is but the development of self. - Charles Atlas.

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