Back in the Gym Tues. Sept. 7 2021

I use to have a good home gym then we sold our house and downsized as we're getting older and kids are all grown up.

My apartment building has a fitness room and indoor pool but only recently opened after the start of shut-down. The fitness room has your cardio equipment which I don't use but did use the stationary water resistance rower. I mainly use the dumbbells and a multi machine the Hoist V-1 Select which is pretty good. Earliest booking time is 10am which is late for me since I get up at 5am.

Last year I started going to the Boy's and Girls Club senior centre which has a good weight room I like a lot coz of the old style weights none of the horrid chrome stuff. I can book for 7:30am which means I have the place to myself.

The truest SUCCESS is but the development of self. - Charles Atlas.


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    Today in the Senior Centre (at the Boy's and Girl's Club) Weight Room . . .

    Since I have to get my strength back up - got into StrongLifts 5X5 Workout A. It was hard work, luv that Olympic Bar they have.


    My Weight Room days at the B&GC are Tuesdays and Thursdays, my apartment building Fitness Centre will be Sundays. Dumbbells up to 50lbs and a multi machine which is pretty good._

    The truest SUCCESS is but the development of self. - Charles Atlas.

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