why Whey protein powder entry doesn't contain Leucine

I made wegman Whey protein powder entry and I expected it show Leucine amount in the list. But I didn't see it. Whey protein powder does have Leucine as per most of the internet sources. Is this a issue with source from nuetrient data fetched? Appreciate any suggestion.


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    Hi Pauls,

    It might be that we did not have the leucine value reported on the label for Wegman's whey protein powder. Do you see the amino acids listed on the label? If you send us a photo we can add those in!

    Otherwise, I would recommend using a generic alternative such as "Whey Protein Powder, 18 Grams of Protein per Scoop", Food #1814054. Or one of the other whey protein powder options that more closely matches the protein content of the one you are using.

    Karen Stark
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