Is there a way to hide kcal information?

I know people who would like to use the app to check they're getting enough vitamins etc, but seeing the calorie content is triggering for them.


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    There are some options for hiding things from the display in your diary.
    For example, on the mobile app, check out the Display Settings, then hide the Energy Summary and Macronutrient Breakdown to remove these banners from your diary.

    You can also hide individual nutrients (like energy) from your diary, daily report, nutrition report, etc. by going to: Settings > Targets > Nutrient Targets. Tap the visible toggle off to remove a specific nutrient from your display.

    You can still see calories for foods when adding them to your diary, if you want to see it. If not, the minimize the Energy Summary and/or Macronutrient Targets boxes on the Add Food screen and they will stay minimized unless you want a peek at it.

    I hope that helps you track your nutrients without seeing the calorie information.


    Karen Stark
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