Blood work feature request.

Hi, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to consider an option for members to be able to manually insert there blood work results after visiting their G.P.
I am not planning on commencing my diary on cronometer until the 1st Jasnuary 2018, but only after I have been to see my doctor and had tests for bloods and cholesterol etc done.



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    Hello @dpt_8217

    We have a feature in the Diary that allows you to record your blood work values - called Add Biometric. We have a number of biometrics including: height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose, body temperature, body fat, mood, sleep, ketones, vitamin D, and iron. We also have a gold feature that allows you to create your own custom biometrics, so you can track anything that is important to your health.

    By adding biometrics to your diary you can see how these values change over time. Select the trends tab and you can chart each biometric below to visually see the progress you have made.


    Karen Stark
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    That is excellent news. I didn’t see that part of the diary as yet.

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