Macro Meal Planning

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Howdy Cronometer friends!

I'm wondering if it would be possible to set up the diary groups with the intended macros in advance for help when constructing meals. I'll include a few images from a different tracker to give some examples.

Obviously in CM you can set your macros for the day, but I'd love if we could get something like this:

And then per meal I can see a breakdown like this, which helps me plan the meal.

I suppose in less gracious terms I'm asking if you could steal the feature set of MacrosFirst since I'm already a Cronometer Gold member and love every aspect of the program other than planning meals! 😜


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    Great idea! That sounds really great for meal planning when you want to hit certain macro targets for each time of day/meal. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Karen Stark
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    Appreciate the reply! It's hugely useful when working with macros for things like athletic support. What's additionally awesome is that when meal planning you can adjust the macros you want from a given ingredient and it'll adjust the quality accordingly. So if, to use the example image above, I boost the polenta to 150 carbs it'll show how many more grams I need to accomplish that goal.

    Honestly, this would be godsend. The Cronometer database, webpage UI, and tracking + Macrosfirst meal design would save me a great deal of effort/stress!

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    Meal planning is an essential feature in my opinion.
    Having to copy and paste going back and forth is a waste of time and makes using Chronometer feel incomplete.
    Being able to chose set meals and day plans would make the experience a lot more user friendly. And Macro breakdown would be icing on the cake. Lemon drizzle

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