Cronometer randomly stopped syncing active energy/exercise from my Apple Watch

I've never had this problem. But out of nowhere, while I was using the app, my exercise and active energy disappeared. I deleted the apple health connection in the cronometer settings and reset the app but nothing.


  • Mine too! I deleted and reloaded everything and it worked for most of the day (9.20) and then disappeared again.

  • We have released a fix for Apple Health. Please download our latest update (3.10.5).

    The new update is on a phased roll-out in the App Store. You should be able to manually update your app by searching for Cronometer in the App Store to get the update. It might not appear in your automatic updates.\

    Karen Stark
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  • Gone again even after update

  • Sorry to hear that AllenJ! Is anything coming through from Apple Health? Did you notice you Apple Health data wasn't coming through today, or was it immediately after the last release?

    Have you had any luck with the troubleshooting steps?

    1) Manually Backfill Data
    Follow the process outlined here.

    2) Uninstall and Reinstall Cronometer Then Reconnect to Apple Health
    To uninstall the app hold your finger on the Cronometer app until a menu appears, then select ‘Delete App’. None of your data will be lost when you uninstall the app.

    Reinstall the app from the App Store and reconnect your Cronometer account to Apple Health following the process here.

    Karen Stark
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