Incorrect nutritional information for Marzetti, Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing

The nutrition info lists this as having a serving size of 1 tbsp and carb count of 2. I'm looking at a bottle and it says serving size 2 tbsp carbs 2. That's a pretty big difference if you're doing keto. How can I adjust the info?


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    On the app, if you press the three dots in the upper right you can report the error and create an edited copy for your own use.

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    That's great. I made a steak salad for dinner last night and when I put the items in it said 43 carbs! I did a mental spit take. Apparently Roma tomatoes are listed with grape tomatoes so I accidentally added 5 of those and the carbs for my dressing were doubled what was listed on the jar.

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    How much dressing are you using? 🤯 I just google it, and it's main ingredient is soy bean oil. I try to follow clean keto, so I wouldn't even taste it. The oil would worry me much more than a gram of carbohydrates.

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