Piecing together an entry for albumin cottage cheese, sheep.

There seem to be no entries on cronometer for sheep cottage cheese, so I'm trying to piece together an approximate custom entry and struggling to find good information.

I occasionally buy albumin cottage cheese from a local sheep farm, because I love the taste and from what I understand, it's one of the healthiest animal sources of protein one could ingest. The "albumin" part in the name comes from the fact that this type of cottage cheese is made out of sheep whey rather than milk. That means that instead of casein which is what largely makes up regular cottage cheese, albumin cottage cheese is high in beta-globulin and alpha-lactalbumin. It's high in protein, low(er) in fat, and neutral to slightly sweet tasting. Also tends to be about the most easily digestible type of dairy there is (apart from maybe something like ghee).

The farm I buy from doesn't provide nutritional information. I've found similar products online with some basic macros (see below), but no micronutrient information at all. Any help in piecing together a custom entry would be appreciated.

example macros in 100g:
668kJ/160kcal, Fat 7.2g (of which unsaturated 5g ), Carbohydrates 4.6g (of which sugars 4.6g), Protein 19g, Salt <0.1g


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