Syncing with google fit keeps crashing Cronometer

When I try to sync my Cronometer with google fit. Cronometer crashes until I disconnect google fit from cronometer.
Is there a reason why that is and how do I fix it?


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    Sorry to hear that! I've logged a bug and I'll let you know if we need any more info to troubleshoot. Otherwise we'll get to work on it :)

    Karen Stark
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    edited December 2021

    I have been having this issue for months. What happens is I delete data that is imported from Google fit like sleep data that is duplicate. When I delete that is when everything breaks the app crashes every single time because of the Google fit sync.

    Say I delete the data from yesterday. The App will crash. If I open the app and it goes to today it stays working. If I go to yesterday, which has the deleted data, it crashes.

    The only solution is to wipe the apps of data or uninstall doing the same thing. If I relog into Google fit and I delete today's data it will immediately crash

    I can't be certain it only crashes when I delete data I swear I've had times where I didn't delete data and the same problem. But I can induce the problem by deleting Google fit data that's imported.

    I've submitted crash reports through Google Play store and have attached all of the information as I could get it in screenshot format

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    It's half a year later and I am having this same issue.

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    I am having similar issues. I came across this post on reddit. I'm not sure if it'll help anyone (I have had no success).


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    This is a cronometer issue. Here is my bug report.

    I use:

    Zepp 6.9.7
    Google Fit 2.81.1.arm64-v8a.release
    cronometer 3.21.3

    on Android 11 (4.9.227-perf+ kernel)

    This is a cronometer issue, because here is what happened:

    Installed Zepp and synced with Amazfit GTS 3 watch and Amazfit scale. Works fine. Because cronometer does not offer a Zepp integration, I use Google Fit to bridge the gap. Google Fit transmits the data to cronometer then. (This works with all other apps as well, e.g. Daily Yoga or Headspace. No problems whatsoever.)

    Until I deleted a few redundant entries from my weigh-ins (within Zepp), I had no issues. I both deleted an entry in Zepp and later one in cronometer (on the phone). After doing the latter, cronometer crashed and would not come back. (As in start up, show the diary page for a fraction of a second and die without report.)

    So I deleted app data in Android settings (includes cache and login), logged in again and started over. I did this a few times as well as rebooting the phone and installing all three apps from scratch after deleting the app directories. (It's not necessary to do that! You just have to delete the app storage, then you can start cronometer again.) I restarted the cronometer app and logged in. But as soon as I click on the integration, cronometer would crash again. This would only happen with the Google account synced to Fit, not a dummy account I used for testing (with no data and no Fit integration.) As soon as I integrated the dummy with the same Fit data, cronometer would crash again.

    I "resolved" this issue by creating a new cronometer account.

    I was able to sync cronometer with Fit again and backfill the last days. My other data (custom foods, kcal and so on) is gone. So, now I have literally the exact same activity data as before in my cronometer with no issues. All I did is create a new account. The data has not changed, Google Fit has not changed, Zepp has not changed. It's all the same. The only parameter I changed was that obviously corrupt cronometer account.

    This is really sad. I am a developer myself. Please fix this.

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    I removed my Google Fit account and synced it with a different one, thinking that a different account would backfill those dates in question.

    All the original entries updated and either removed information, or replaced it with information from the new Google Fit account.

    When it came to the days that were crashing while viewing their entries, the app still crashed. Which makes me think that it's an outright desynchronization between Cronometer and Google Fit.

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