Separating Synthetic and Natural Folate in targets

I have folate shown as above tolerable UL every day but most of this is natural folate so should not count. Is there any way to split these up as you suggest needs to be done in https://support.cronometer.com/hc/en-us/articles/360038286012-Dietary-Reference-Intakes-DRIs-


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    That's a good point! We don't have the values separated, but it is something we can look into for the future. For now you are on the right track! If you know your sources are typically from food rather than supplements or fortified foods, you're not at risk of experiencing toxicity symptoms.

    Karen Stark
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    Right now I am on a very strict regime to keep my nutrition on track (after a hospital stay), but this feature would really help. For example I have had to replace Marmite because it contains synthetic folate (inconvenient since as a vegan the B12 is important). It would be great if you can fix this, so when I am allowed a more varied diet we can keep proper track.

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