Air fried chicken

Hi :)
How can I calculate this: I removed the skin off a 5 lbs uncooked chicken, and cooked it in a typical air fryer. Now what? Help haha :)
PS I'm not just being lazy and asking someone to count this for me! I've really tried to find an anwer here and on Google!


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    I am also having trouble calculating the calories for air fryer fried chicken. Cronometer lacks info on air fryer cooking. For example, I am making air fryer fried chicken; which is basically chicken with skin on, dredged in a flour and buttermilk mixture. There is little or no oil. I am thinking of just creating a recipe and trying to estimate the flour and buttermilk per piece. Not sure about how else to get the calories. It would be great to hear from others who cook with the air fryer. Are there better ways of calculating calories when cooking with the air fryer?

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    Hi @Jiko if you've not added any additional ingredients to your chicken, I suggest logging the item posted by jefmcg. If you've added additional ingredients, like @DeniseLM, create a recipe using the ingredients you've included to get a better picture of the nutrients in your prepared chicken. :)

    Karen Stark
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