Is there a way to chart the energy summary percentages for macronutrients?

I like to focus on this for myself but I also have a professional account and currently manually trend this with my clients. For example, they might focus on keeping their carbohydrate consumption under a specified number of grams but aren't necessarily concerned with their protein and fat intake. So depending on their overall food consumption on any given day even if they always ate the same grams of carbs the % for the daily summary will be different depending on their protein and fat intake. I like to focus on this because on any given day consumption of 50g of carbohydrates can be anywhere from 5-35% of their daily calories. I hope what I have tried to explain makes sense and someone will have an idea on how to chart this within Cronometer. :)

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  • Ok, thanks! I wasn't sure if you were looking for grams or percentages :blush:

    We don't chart the percent of energy from each macronutrient.

    You can get a visual idea of the breakdown for each day by looking at the Calories Consumed chart in the Trends tab, but pointing your mouse at each coloured segment of the chart shows calories from each nutrient rather than percent of energy.

    Thanks for your suggestion!

    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Rebecca,

    You can view a chart of the grams of carbohydrates per day so you can quickly see if your client has reached their carb goals.

    In the Trends tab, use the single nutrient chart and use the first drop-down list to select Carbs (you can choose Net or Total):
    The green zone is based on your targets to get quick visual feedback about whether you're over or under your target.

    Let me know if there is something else you're looking for that would help you better!

    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen,

    Thanks for the reply but that is not what I'm trying to chart. I'll try to provide a better example. When reviewing a clients nutrition diary I first glance at their macronutrient targets bar graph and then the Energy Summary Consumed pie chart. In the attach picture is there a way to chart the carbohydrate percentage (31%)?

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