Cronometer crashing when connected to Google Fit

I noticed today that Cronometer wasn't getting any info from Google Fit anymore. So I disconnected it from Google Fit and reconnected it. As soon as I reconnected it, Cronometer crashed. Every time I start up Cronometer it crashes immediately. If I go to its app info section and clear data, I can open Cronometer, but the moment I connect Google Fit, it's back to crashing. I have tried uninstalling Cronometer, then going into Google Fit's apps to disconnect Cronometer there before reinstalling. After reinstalling Cronometer, it continues to crash as I described the moment I connect it to Google Fit. Could I get some help?

Additional info, if it's useful. I am on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. I'm on Android 11. I've made sure all of my apps are up to date, and that I have all of the security patches up to the current day.


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