Cooked Recipe weight... ALMOST!

So I had to ADD 1110g of distilled water to a recipe because two of the ingredients didn't show any weight...can of whole tomatoes and a jar of pasta sauce.

The hope would be for the final weight feature to be able to deal either with adding or removing water keeping the calories the same.

I did attempt to enter the final recipe weight AFTER I had already saved the recipe with distilled water (removed the item, adjusted the final weight, and re-saved, accepting the adjustment of food already logged in diary. Food in diary calories increased as if there was no water adjustment taking place.

Reversed all changes setting final weight equal to ingredients list with distilled and all is good for me... but the feature didn't quite hit the spot as hoped for!

Web version.


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    Hi PAV8888,

    We designed the feature with your goal in mind: adjusting the weight and subtracting the difference from the water content (if applicable) while keeping the calories the same. We designed it to work with recipes that contain ingredients with unknown weights so you don't have to add water as a separate ingredient.

    I'm probably missing something though - any chance I could take a look at your recipe to see? Could you send me the Recipe # listed under the name of your recipe in the Foods tab on the website? What was the serving size you used?

    Karen Stark
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    There are three adjustments that, off the top of my head, I would love to see the "final recipe weight adjustment" handle automagically:

    a) water evaporates during cooking from correct starting weight
    b) unknown water gets added or evaporated during cooking and
    c) weight of starting ingredients was not correct so an adjustment to known final weight needs to take place.

    My particular "case" was (c).

    I had fully saved the recipe with a water adjustment.
    Then I discovered that the new feature was there.
    Adjusted the final weight deleted the manual water adjustment saved accepted to change the current day already logged entry. Cal for current day diary entry were incorrect--too high as if not taking into account the "final recipe weight".

    Went back to including a manual water weight adjustment to fix.

    Recipe #17827958, Data Source: Custom

    Diary had 1080g logged using the gram option

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