How do I get "whole foods" in my search results?

I am starting a new plant-based whole-foods diet. It would be great to have a "whole foods" search category, and the "help" screen for the search menu suggests that there is or was one (see https://cronometer.com/help/diary/#search_tabs) but my search tabs don't include that option (it has "common foods" instead) and I don't see a way of customizing my search tabs.

I have a tech challenged brain though, so any ideas would be welcome.


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    Hello Lin,

    The Common Foods tab is the one that contains all the foods with the most comprehensive nutrition information. This tab contains mostly whole foods, as well as generic versions of common food products.

    You can customize your Favorites tab! If there are foods you use often, favorite each food item by selecting the food from the food search, then click then star icon to the left of the food name. When the star is colored yellow, it is one of your favorites. When you select the Favorites tab you will see them all listed there.


    Karen Stark
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    That is very good to know, Karen! Thank you! I'll start starring my vegan whole foods today.

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