Organizing Favorites

It would be nice to organize the favorites on both the mobile/web applications. Having the opportunity to create a folder (giving it a name), then moving items into that folder. This would make it easier to find things quickly without doing a search.
Not sure how easy it would be for both or how many levels folders can go. But, as I was playing with this application for the first time and using a different Macro tracking application, I was thinking this would make things easier.
I’m doing Keto and have products from different sources. Like Perfect Keto. As an example…
Create a folder in Favorites titled PerfectKeto, then under that have one for MCT Oil, Collagen, and Cookies. Then place my MCT Oils in the Oil, Collagen products in the Collagen, and the cookies in the Cookies. Therefore, when adding say, Chocolate MCT power, then do:
Add (+) > Add Food > Favorites > Perfect Keto > MCT Oil > Chocolate MCT Powder > Add To Diary, done.

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