Large number of NUTTAB items missing


For my current diet, I have been instructed to use the Australian Food Composition Database (formerly known as NUTTAB) where possible to ensure accuracy.

However, when I search in Cronometer and filter by NUTTAB, I find that:

  1. Many items from the AFCD are missing despite being present in the database.
  2. The items that are returned do not even exist in the AFCD.

For example:

If you search "Chicken breast" in Cronometer, about a dozen Chicken Burger/Chicken Wrap results are returned. None of these items are listed in the AFCD.

And... you do not get any of the 8 results that are actually listed in the AFCD (including the result that counts "Chicken, breast, lean flesh, raw").

This problem is not only for Chicken Breast, it is for every AFCD item I have tried to find in Cronometer.

Could you please either:
1. update this data so that it is current, or
2. if you would like to keep the items that you attribute to NUTTAB, but no longer exist in their database, could you please add AFCD?

Paddy Moran

Further Details:

The AFCD (formerly NUTTAB) can be found here: https://www.foodstandards.gov.au/science/monitoringnutrients/afcd/pages/default.aspx


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    edited November 2021

    I've just noticed that this has come up before, so to build the case for why it should be fixed, I thought I'd outline an example as well as the impact of this.

    Using chicken breast as the example, the USDA lists the calories as 15% higher than the AFCD (the differencing being driven, predominantly, by differing fat values).

    • 200 grams of chicken breast according to the USDA: 240 calories
    • 200 grams of chicken breast according to the AFCD: 209 calories

    If we assume 15% is the standard margin of error, and we consider my daily calorie goal of 2580, I could be eating as little as 2193 and as much as 2967 calories while still thinking I am hitting my goal of 2580.

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    Hi Paddy,

    We aimed to add unique foods from NUTTAB to our database. There is value in adding the entire, upgraded database and giving users the option to search those foods over the North American versions. Thanks for your feedback!

    Karen Stark
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